Burtech Plumbing is Moen qualified for home Flo Smart Water Monitor installation

Our highly trained technicians can get your home set up fast!

Moen Smart Water Flo Monitor and Shutoff
Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor Installation Photo

Get Whole Home Leak Protection

Leaks can happen anytime, anywhere, so reduce your risk and protect your peace of mind with the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff. This game-changing device gives you unmatched leak protection by automatically shutting off your water to prevent catastrophic damage.

Monitor And Secure Your Home From Your Smartphone

Flosense technology uses machine learning to better understand and analyze your water usage patterns. With more precise monitoring and leak detection accuracy, your Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff can better protect your home by sending timely, reliable alerts when it matters most.


Flo Smart Water Phone App

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